Ren Goes to Hollywood which Stimpy Upsets.

the scene where Ren Sees "Pony's little adventure" Is cut,

There is a Scene which Stimpy jealous of Ren going out with new girlfriend, a SKUNK Is edited out,

There was a banned scene where Ren Destroys Hollywood,

There was cut when Ren saw Jeff the killer,


  • when this episode aired in Spike Tv, It used united Plankton Pictures (appears in Spongebob but not In Ren and stimpy yet since Ren and stimpy isn't Part of United Plankton pictures. if Ren and stimpy part of this, John k would contact via Phone number) rather than Spumco until later Airing, when john asked The Creator of Spongebob. the Creator Of spongebob didn't Accept it.
  • This episode was originally a Script during Ren and stimpy original run when Fan contacted Nickelodeon, but Nickelodeon didn't accept it at All. Then The Fan contacted John k when Fan asked him to made The episode into Actual Episode, 60 year later,

in 2003, This Episode was made into actual episode during Ren And Stimpy: Adult party cartoon run, john k is currently posting

Non-Ren and Stimpy Related (Such as Spongebob, Rocko's modern Life, Real people, Etc.) via John k stuff blog.

When Ren try to kill someone you can hear Circus Monster at the end of this episode.