Ren and Stimpy: Resurgence


John Kricfalusi
Joel Schumacher


John Kricfalusi
Joel Schumacher
Chris Terrio


Joel Schumacher
John Kricfalusi
Vanessa Coffey


Chris Reccardi
Grant Kirkhope


Everyone but John K.


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Ren and Stimpy: Resurgence is a 2032 animated feature film based off of The Ren and Stimpy Show.

After seeing an increased demand for a Ren and Stimpy revival, Paramount Animation contacted John Kricfalusi, original creator of the franchise, and gave him another chance to revive the franchise. However, after the film missed it's intended release date five times, going $123,777,563,219 over-budget, and only completing about a tenth of it's runtime in this period, Paramount fired Kricfalusi from the project, and instead allowed Joel Schumacher, director of SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cloonbob Saga, to finish the film with writer Chris Terrio.

The film is notable for being the only Paramount Cinematic Universe movie to use hand-drawn 2D animation; however, after the first 15 minutes, the movie instead shifts over to CGI/live action hybrid animation.

Plot Edit

Ren and Stimpy experience hardships when the rubber nipple market crashes.

Cast Edit

  • John Kricfalusi as Ren Hoek*, Mr. Horse*, Stinky Whizzleteats*
  • Eric Bauza as Stimpson J. Cat*, Punchy the Boxing Kangaroo
  • Billy West as Ren Hoek, Stimpy, Mr. Horse, Muddy Mudskipper, Mr. Pipe, backstabber
  • Jack Carter as Wilbur Cobb
  • Charles Martinet as Wario (post-credits)
  • Howard Stern as The Instigator
  • Mike Judge as Hank Hill
  • Joel Schumacher as himself (flashback)
  • George Clooney as himself (flashback)
  • Roger Bumpass as Squog
  • Bob Camp as a good-for-nothing betrayal master
  • Bill Wray as a double crossing jerk
  • Bob Clampett's Ghost as God
  • Frank Gorshin as Reverend Jack Cheese
  • Chuck Jones as Jesus
  • Katie Rice as blatant fanservice
  • Jim Gomez as a filthy traitor
  • John K's Dad as Obligatory Cameo
  • Chris Reccardi as a deceitful monster

*plays this character only at the start of the film

more coming soon