Make a R&S spin-off!!!! Put a link to the page on here as well as a description of the series!

Powdered Toast Man: The SeriesEdit

Powdered Toast Man: The Seires is a spin-off created by Deetfeet that anyone can help write!! It is about Powdered Toast Man fighting crime! (READ MORE Y'ALL)

Hangin' Tough With Abner & EwaldEdit

The sheriff and deputy duo from Out West are in their own show. Read about it

Mr. Horse's StableEdit

Mr. Horse is now in the spotlight! No sir he doesn't like being neglected.

Hey Hey! It's The Ricky and Harry ShowEdit

The duo from The Ren & Stimpy Movie are back in their own show.

Ruko YokuneEdit

She come from Utau and Super Mario World the movie. Don't get her mad!